Postproduction is alive, well and rebate-eligible in New Mexico!


Dear NMPA Members and Supporters,

NMPA Notice Of Dissolution

It is with sincere regret that the NMPA Board of Directors must inform current and previous members of the New Mexico Post Alliance (NMPA) that the alliance is dissolving. The NMPA has worked for over six years to grow New Mexico’s postproduction and film industry and provide educational and networking events, but now it’s time to retire the alliance.

The Board held a meeting on April 26, 2017, at I-25 Studios, to discuss and agree on whether or not to dissolve the alliance. According to our bylaws, the decision was made to dissolve the alliance by a majority vote of those present at this meeting. The details are recorded in our 4/26/17 minutes.

All debts owed to the NMPA, and all claims against the NMPA, must be received by Chris Paul, Treasurer by June 2, 2017 at the business address set forth below. At which time with all debts, obligations, and liabilities having been paid or discharged, all remaining property and assets of the NMPA will be distributed equally to The New Mexico Film Foundation and New Mexico Women in Film, in accordance with the NMPAs Bylaws.

The educational content on the NMPA’s Youtube channel will remain available as long as it is viable and the content remains appropriate.

The Board of Directors of the NMPA appreciates your support over the years and hopes that in the future, leadership for an invigorating, unified postproduction industry organization in New Mexico will emerge again. Thank you for all you have done to advance and support the mission of the NMPA.


Brad Stoddard, President

NMPA Board of Directors
Aaron Star, Vice President
Chis Paul, Treasurer
Carolyn Kuehn, Secretary
Rick Clemente
Aaron Estrada
Sherwin Lau
Robert Loeser
Reinhard Lorenz
Shawn Wayman

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Are you a producer considering New Mexico?

There’s more post happening here than you might think. Editing, visual FX, ADR, original and license-ready music, Foley, all the way through deliverables — and all of it qualifies for the same great 25% Refundable Film Production Tax Credit that New Mexico is known for. If you aren’t familiar with our state’s excellent rebate program, learn more from the program overview plus the post-specific details on the New Mexico Film Office Web site. If you need post personnel for your project, search the comprehensive industry directory, also hosted by the state film office.